Improve inventory visibility and reduce waste with end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Deep Expertise

enVista’s deep food and beverage expertise, comprehensive services and engineered solutions help food and beverage companies improve visibility and efficiencies, and in turn, enhance customer service, profitability and competitive advantage. Most of the products on the market only address a portion of the solution and will not cover all your needs. What sets enVista apart is that we are not materials handling equipment vendors providing equipment recommendations alone or software vendors offering standalone solutions. Our consultants and systems and industrial engineers analyze your operational requirements and develop process improvements to support your long-term business goals.

Overcome Challenges

We understand the challenges faced by food and beverage companies, such as labeling and tracking standards, compliance requirements for the Food Safety Modernization Act, multi-climate distribution center requirements, and the proliferation of stock keeping units. enVista has helped dozens of leading food and beverage companies overcome these challenges to improve their inventory visibility and optimize supply chain and transportation processes.

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Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Mike Kasperski

Mike Kasperski, Managing Partner, leads enVista’s Facility Design practice and brings more than 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, including system design and implementation. Throughout his career, Mike has provided material handling solutions for companies such as The Sports Authority, Random House, McGraw Hill, Staples, Kohl’s, Anheuser-Busch, Kimberly Clark, FedEx and many more. Prior to joining enVista, Mike spent 16 years at Automotion, Inc. performing roles from national Account Sales to President of the Automotion Systems Group where he focused on retail and direct to consumer fulfillment.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Network Design

enVista helps food and beverage companies determine how to best design their network based on demand patterns to optimize transit distance/times, reduce the number of facilities required and leverage current facility space. The resulting cost and waste reductions often save companies millions of dollars annually and substantially reduces their carbon footprints.

Facility Design

Design a facility that can take your company well into the future. enVista helps food and beverage companies optimize current space, plan for future space, and can determine where to place and how to size temperature controlled environments (e.g., frozen/refrigerated) for optimal efficiency.

enVista understands beverage companies, in particular, have special needs, so we established a specialized beverage practice which is uniquely suited to deliver visibility into your total supply chain, from source to consumption. We help customers develop functional operating procedures coupled with the appropriate equipment and technology to improve the bottom line.

Inventory Optimization

Determine optimal inventory levels to reduce excess inventory and waste while preventing out-of-stocks. enVista will analyze your demand patterns by channel and geographic location to optimize your inventory.

Returns and Reverse Logistics

Assess current systems and create procedures to improve the handling of distressed, damaged, recalled, or out-of-date product created in the warehouse or returned from the trade. This leads to decreased product loss and reduced costs associated with product damage and returns.

Labor Productivity

Help your employees work in the most efficient way possible in the warehouse and store to improve productivity, which reduces headcount and man-hours, and in turn reduces energy consumption. enVista helps companies implement labor productivity standards and training and also implements labor management systems, ensuring associates work in the most efficient way possible to improve distribution and in-store processes.

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Systems Selection & Implementation

Optimize business processes and then integrate the right enabling technology. Our consultants help companies select and implement the best supply chain (planning/ execution), transportation, ERP and retailing solutions to significantly improve productivity and reduce waste.

Warehouse Infrastructure

Acquire the enabling technology necessary to support your operations and supply chain systems within the four walls of your warehouse. enVista’s experienced team of supply chain systems experts and technology consultants have a deep understanding of the infrastructure required for your supply chain systems to function most effectively within the warehouse. Our team will provide you with the reliable wired and wireless infrastructure needed to run your supply chain operations.

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Transportation Strategy

Determine the optimal carrier mix, LTL/FTL requirements, load planning and consolidation, transloading/consolidation activity, and more. enVista helps companies review their transportation requirements to build an optimal transportation strategy.

Transportation Management System Selection & Implementation

Gauge your need for a transportation management system (TMS) with enVista’s TMS selection process. A TMS can aid in supply chain optimization and process improvement by providing a wealth of data, which leads to improved transportation planning, increased execution accuracy, greater shipment visibility throughout the process, improved workflow management, and improved auditing time and accuracy. Companies achieve the biggest savings through load consolidation, lower cost mode selection, and multi-stop route optimization, which are all part of enVista’s transportation strategy services.

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