enVista’s Workforce Management Practice Attains Record Revenue in Second Quarter 2017

enVista’s workforce management expertise remains in demand as companies seek labor efficiencies in their distribution and store operations

Indianapolis -- — 

enVista, a leading supply chain consulting and IT services firm, today announces that its workforce management practice has achieved record revenue in the second quarter of 2017 by securing 12 new labor management customers. This news comes just months after enVista announced the milestone completion of its 200th workforce management project.

enVista helps clients significantly improve labor productivity by providing a full array of workforce management services, including: workforce management engineered labor standards and preferred methods, labor management systems (LMS) implementations and systems training, incentive-based pay programs, and change management. enVista’s workforce management team brings extensive experience with LMS applications including JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, HighJump, NextView and homegrown legacy solutions.

“enVista’s workforce management solutions continue to be in significant demand, largely due to its proven payback and return on investment within a matter of months,” said enVista Senior Managing Partner and Supply Chain Solutions Practice Leader Davison Schopmeyer. “Our customer success stories include workforce scheduling and prioritization efficiencies at the retail store level, as well as labor productivity gains driven by preferred work methods within our customers’ distribution centers.”

Workforce management has recently experienced increased focus from retail companies that need to deliver exceptional customer-centric unified commerce across all channels, while also reducing labor spend, one of their largest sources of variable costs, to remain competitive.

“enVista’s holistic take on labor management continues to draw industry executives looking to improve operational efficiency and decrease unnecessary expenditures, all while engaging their employees in our best practice recommendations and applications,” said Tom Stretar, enVista senior director and labor management solutions practice leader. “Well-executed workforce management can truly be the key to success for retail and distribution organizations in today’s competitive climate of wage pressures and low unemployment rates.”

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