enVista Unveils New Direct Store Delivery Solution for the Beverage Industry

Stack Sleeve system improves warehousing and delivery efficiency and significantly decreases transportation requirements for beverage distributors.

Indianapolis -- — 

enVista, a leading global supply chain consulting and IT services firm, today announces the release of a new, innovative direct store delivery (DSD) system called Stack Sleeve designed to make beverage delivery faster and easier. The Stack Sleeve system can be used in the warehouse and during delivery for both route and bulk customers from one vehicle. In addition to the physical sleeves, the Stack Sleeve software application organizes cases to be picked into each sleeve by customer order, directs warehouse personnel to pick multiple sleeves simultaneously, provides printed pick tickets and sequences the loading of sleeves by stop for each route. By optimizing loads within the truck and reducing delivery times, Stack Sleeve can decrease the number of delivery vehicles beverage distributors need by 25 percent or more, reducing transportation costs and related labor requirements.

Bob Grace, vice president of operations development at enVista and the inventor of the Stack Sleeve, said, “Over the course of my career helping beverage companies optimize their warehousing and distribution operations, it became clear there had to be a better way to manage the distribution process. Stack Sleeve bridges the productivity gaps in both warehouse and distribution operations, offering capabilities no other DSD system can achieve.”

Grace continued, “With the Stack Sleeve system we are able to batch pick items in the warehouse and sort them into customer specific stacks all at the same time, then load them in reverse order sequence for route delivery. The delivery driver only opens one door on the vehicle and moves the customer-specific Stack Sleeves into the account. The stacks of product are deposited in the account without handling any individual cases. All of these capabilities shave precious minutes from each step in the distribution process and reduce transportation requirements in the process.”

enVista President and CEO Jim Barnes said, “enVista is always looking for ways to improve our clients’ operations, both in the form of exemplary services that save time, money and resources, and in the form of solutions that are truly game-changing. We are excited to unveil the Stack Sleeve, an innovation that will radically change the way beverage companies deliver their products to the store.”

For more information about Stack Sleeve, visit https://web.envistacorp.com/envista-stack-sleeve.

For more information about enVista, visit www.envistacorp.com.