enVista Remains Number One Provider for Consistently Implementing Best-in-Class Order Management System in Weeks or Months, Delivering Fastest Time to Value and Impact to Customer Experience

Average order management system implementation timeframe in industry is 8-12 months, whereas enVista consistently implements its agile, omnichannel, cloud-native OMS for multi-million and multibillion-dollar companies in 8 weeks to four months


enVista, a global software and consulting services firm, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, delivers its world-class order management solution (OMS) in record setting timeframes to impact omnichannel success and accelerate omnichannel transformation across the enterprise at a time when retailers critically need agile solutions to rapidly meet evolving demand.

Order Management remains the only solution to unify enterprise commerce and drive both top and bottom-line revenue. Most SaaS-based OMS implementations require 8-12 months from planning to go live. enVista exceeds client expectations and implementation horizons in the market because its OMS is uniquely and strategically built from the ground up as microservices on multi-enterprise integration framework and integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for rapid integration with existing systems. These differentiators, coupled with enVista’s highly experienced retail consulting and implementation teams and optional phased implementation approach, enable clients to leverage enVista’s highly scalable OMS to optimize omnichannel order orchestration and fulfillment and enhance the customer experience in weeks or months, while significantly speeding time to value and reducing total cost of ownership.

A private, $200M+ toy retailer recently leveraged enVista’s OMS to expose inventory across its 82 stores to online customers in a matter of days, to keep pace with “holiday-level” sales during the pandemic quarantine in March/April. Leveraging enVista’s agile, cloud-native OMS, the retailer fulfilled 350+ orders per day and successfully stood up buy online/pick up in store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup for the first time, in only two weeks. enVista’s OMS, delivered on an integration framework and microservices architecture, made a critical difference in the retailer’s ability to adapt, deliver, serve the customer, and secure every sales opportunity in a make-or-break time.

“In today’s highly competitive and unpredictable retail landscape, it is ‘the fast that eat the slow,’ making the rapid implementation of a best-in-class, OMS strategic and mission-critical to successful omni-channel execution and competitive advantage,” said enVista CEO Jim Barnes. “Not only does enVista bring record-setting implementation timelines, we are also customer-obsessed, providing unmatched experience and process optimization to drive profitability. Digital commerce requires flawless omnichannel fulfillment and execution, and this is where enVista shines.”

When health and nutrition company, GNC, wanted to compress delivery times and optimize order orchestration and fulfillment across its entire inventory network, they reviewed multiple solutions in the market and ultimately chose to deploy enVista’s Order Management System.

In less than four months, enVista rolled out enterprise inventory visibility across GNC’s global network; integrated with marketplaces; configured rules and analyses enabling GNC to determine optimal inventory locations to fulfill orders, resulting in lower shipping and fulfillment costs; reduced out-of-stocks and improved margins; improved order throughput to handle peak season demands; expanded GNC’s dropship program by 400% with enVista’s dropship solution; and most recently, in March to respond to COVID-19, enVista accelerated and enabled GNC to deploy buy online pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup/click-and-collect, and ship-from-store in a matter of two weeks in order to effectively respond to surging ecommerce orders during the pandemic in order to capture every sale.

Chadwick Hamby, Senior Director of Global e-Commerce Operations at GNC, said,” Having an Order Management System (OMS) is making the biggest impact on the retail industry right now. It is giving retailers like GNC the capability to leverage and source all inventory across channels and set tighter rules (balancing cost versus risk and reward). We can truly say that enVista’s Enspire Order Management System (OMS) has provided us with not only the above capabilities, but also the flexibility to pivot quickly and respond during COVID-19. And this has made a huge impact to our business success.”

Similarly, a highly recognized multimillion-dollar designer, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, and cataloger of home decor products selected enVista to rapidly enable its next generation order management system (OMS) on a cloud platform for the organization in the third quarter, prior to peak holiday season. enVista came through, implementing its OMS in eight weeks without business disruption. The retailer needed enterprise inventory visibility to easily process complex split orders, customer priority orders and static priority-based orders across multiple demand sources like digital commerce, marketplaces, dropship for retailers, call center and wholesale. By rapidly optimizing omnichannel order fulfillment for 8,000 orders a day, the retailer quickly achieved its goal of increased customer and supplier satisfaction.

As the only OMS and cloud platform in the market strategically built from the ground up as microservices architecture on a multi-enterprise integration framework and common data model, enVista’s OMS rapidly integrates, easily scales and provides faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership allowing our customer to successfully compete for the sale and increase customer loyalty. The solution also provides a single view of the customer, inventory, order, item, and payment across the enterprise, enabling retailers to deliver a consistent, customer-centric brand experience across all channels and locations. Coupled with enVista’s unprecedented experience in optimizing omnichannel and supply chain processes, enVista’s OMS is enabling clients to rapidly optimize and transform physical and digital commerce.

To learn more about enVista’s order management system and quick implementation, visit  https://www.envistacorp.com/unified-commerce-platform/order-management-system.