enVista Launches Premier Order Management System (OMS) RFP, Providing Complimentary, Comprehensive Evaluation Guide and Best Practice Process For Long-Term OMS Success

Developed by enVista’s highly experienced OMS selection and implementation team, enVista’s Premier Order Management RFP encompasses extensive requirements including key functionality, product architecture, and professional services to help retailers select the optimal order management system


enVista, a leading global software, consulting and managed services firm, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, announced today the general availability and launch of its complimentary, comprehensive omnichannel order management system (OMS) request for proposal (RFP). The robust selection guide and RFP template is strategically designed to help omnichannel organizations evaluate and select the optimal OMS provider to meet their long-term requirements. The Premier Order Management RFP, with more than 250 questions and evaluation criteria, is now widely available for download and general usage.

enVista CEO, Jim Barnes, said, “A cloud-native OMS is mission-critical to omnichannel success today. It is the only solution that drives top- and bottom-line revenue, inventory optimization, customer experience, agility and profitability. However, the provider landscape is highly complex, evolving and widely variable, making the right decision imperative to agile and profitable commerce. enVista’s OMS RFP is based on the collective OMS selection and implementation expertise across our teams of recognized omnichannel commerce, supply chain and technology implementation experts. We are pleased to offer The Premier Order Management RFP to the market to help leaders better select and deploy the best solution with maximum results, and we are also offering a complimentary consulting session to help companies advance their optimal omnichannel strategy.”

In today’s highly competitive and unpredictable retail landscape, it is ‘the fast that eat the slow,’ making the selection of an order management system daunting but crucial. enVista’s Premier Order Management RFP provides a comprehensive guide for retailers to review and understand the key requirements from various vendors, necessary to optimize the selection of a solution to enable today’s requisite omnichannel experience and devise a successful omnichannel execution plan and competitive advantage.

Enabling omnichannel retailing in today’s challenging environment requires real-time visibility into enterprise inventory, customer information, and order status through a robust order management system. With unique business requirements, understanding and evaluating prospective solutions requires the gathering of key information about the company outlining the professional services model, functionality and product architecture.

A comprehensive RFP is key to outlining the necessary requirements of the potential system and understanding the potential fit within the organization. enVista’s Premier Order Management RFP offers retailers a complete guide to selecting the optimal OMS based on their unique requirements.

Successfully selecting the right OMS requires retailers to understand:

  • The features and functions of the solution relative to your needs to identify potential gaps
  • The architecture and integration framework to assess the potential success of a deployment
  • The methodology and framework of a potential implementation to guide the solution fit within your organization

The Premier Order Management RFP is available for download.

To schedule a complimentary consulting session with enVista’s OMS experts, contact: info@envistacorp.com.