enVista Launches Best Ship Method Solution Enabling Retailers to Provide Customers Options Around Online Shipping Costs and Fulfillment Timeframes


enVista, a leading global consulting and software solutions firm, today announces the launch of its Best Ship Method solution, enabling online retailers to provide their customers with options around shipping costs and fulfillment timeframes. By selecting from a range of fulfillment timeframes and associated costs at checkout, the customer can specify what they value most for their order, fulfillment speed or cost savings, which in turn, allows retailers to better deliver against customer expectations.

enVista CEO Jim Barnes said, “We launched our best ship method solution to help retailers and distributors meet their customer expectations and strategically compete against e-commerce giants like Amazon, that have been providing fulfillment cost and service options to the consumer at checkout for some time. Offering shipping options to customers, giving them a voice about what they value most in the order fulfillment process and empowering them with choices, allows retailers to provide more personalized experiences and meet customer expectations with greater insight.”

enVista’s Best Ship Method solution provides shipping options based on actual carrier cost calculations and possible delivery windows from the fulfillment location to the customer’s zip code. From a technical standpoint, the solution provides retailers a real-time API call that applies sourcing logic to source the order from the right fulfillment site (distribution center, warehouse, 3PL, supplier or physical store location) and the right number of item units from each site. The solution then displays the shipping timeframe and cost options to the customer online, allowing them to select the shipping option that best suits their preferences and needs.

The Best Ship Method solution leverages complex shipping logic to rate shop multiple-modes and carriers between multiple origins and a ship to the destination in terms of cost and transit time. Additionally, the solution enables retailers to evaluate multiple variations for sourcing order items/inventory from across their retail store and distribution network.

Barnes added, “In today’s digital commerce world, it is incredibly important to meet customer expectations and empower them around time and cost. When retailers overestimate the importance of speed to the customer, the retailer and/or the customer incur unnecessarily high shipping costs. Similarly, when retailers wrongly assume that cost is the most important factor, they can lose the customer that buys the order elsewhere, to arrive on time. Best Ship Method solves both challenges.”

enVista’s Best Ship Method solution rapidly and easily integrates with e-commerce software platforms and was recently deployed for a billion-dollar truck parts distributor, increasing its business by $3 million within just six months.

To learn more about enVista’s Best Ship Method solution and end-to-end supply chain expertise, visit www.envistacorp.com.