enVista Announces Substantial Year Over Year Growth Within Supply Chain Strategy Practice

Supply chain strategy consultants see increased project demand flow from consumer goods, retail and distributors/wholesale industries


enVista, a leading global consulting and software solutions firm, announces the completion of 50 supply chain strategy projects in 2017, concluding a record-setting year for the firm’s Supply Chain Strategy Practice.

With an industry focus on consumer goods, life sciences, retail and distributors/wholesalers, enVista’s supply chain practice supports its client’s strategic goals by ensuring effective support of supply chain decisions. enVista starts with the customer and designs supply chains with a proven approach using detailed analysis, operating expertise, performance management, and a customer first approach to the execution.

Davison Schopmeyer, chief operating officer at enVista, said, “We continue to build momentum based on our breadth and depth of services. One testament to this momentum would be our recent recognition by Gartner, Inc. as a Specialist Consulting Firm in its 2017 Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy and Operations Consulting. As we enter into 2018, we look forward to a record-setting year with pipeline and projects that will propel us and our services into a record-breaking year.”

Briggs and Stratton Director of Global Distribution & Warehousing, Bill Harlow said, “enVista’s holistic supply chain strategy approach was unique because of their ability to conduct detailed cross-functional analysis and then translate those insights into practical, real-world results using the depth of enVista’s skill sets.”

enVista’s holistic approach to supply chain network design leverages network modeling and inventory modeling capabilities along with its complimentary practices including domain expertise in retail, labor management, facility design build, supply chain execution systems and transportation to create an executable customer-centric supply chain for our customers.

Nate Rosier, vice president of Strategy at enVista noted, “Our focus is to align supply chain strategy with our customers’ corporate strategy. Because of this, all of our customers execute the supply chain strategies we help them develop no matter if they are expanding into new markets or consolidating distribution efforts.”

enVista’s global supply chain consulting services offer deep enterprise expertise, end-to-end supply chain consulting and enabling technologies for mid-market and Fortune 500 organizations primarily in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, consumer goods, third party logistics (3PL), food and beverage, healthcare and non-profit sectors. enVista’s client engagements have proven to be so effective in identifying and eliminating supply chain waste that 87 percent lead to follow-up opportunities.

For more information about enVista and its supply chain strategy business, visit www.envistacorp.com.