66% of Consumers Are Likely to Choose Retailers that Offer Mobile Coupons and Promotions, According to enVista’s 2020 Mobilization Special Report

51% of retailers successfully offer mobile coupons and promotions to their customers


Mobile technology in the hands of consumers and retail associates is driving the transformation of today’s customer engagement model. According to enVista’s 2020 Mobilization Special Report, consumers are looking for mobile features to be accessible in stores as the digital and physical retail environments continue to converge. In fact, 66% of consumers are likely to choose a retailer offering mobile coupons, discounts and promotions and 64% are likely to choose a retailer offering product information via mobile devices over a retailer who doesn’t offer these services.

enVista CEO Jim Barnes said, “Mobile capabilities are driving retailers to upgrade and replace technology to stay ahead of their competitors’ customer experience offerings and to keep up with their very informed and technology-savvy customers. While the shift to mobile tools can dramatically enhance the shopping experience and reduce retailers’ total technology costs, it brings its share of challenges. As with any new technology, these innovative mobile approaches require a fundamental change in processes and corresponding training to educate sales associates and customers to successfully implement new processes.”

enVista’s Senior Vice President of Retail, Gene Bornac, adds, “Consumers today are using mobile devices to research products, compare prices, complete purchases online and pay for purchases in the store or online. The proliferation of mobile capabilities has created opportunities for retailers to use mobile devices to enhance customer service and provide more self-service options. Putting mobile devices in the hands of store associates enables enhanced personalized services, including clienteling, inventory look-up and transaction processing anywhere in the store.”

According to the 2020 Mobilization Special Report, there are significant gaps between customer expectations for mobilization and successful retailer execution:

Product Information Availability

  • Customer Expectation: 64% of consumers are likely to choose a retailer based on the availability of product information via a customer-facing mobile device
  • Retailer Capability: 42% of retailers successfully offer product information to customers via a mobile device

Store Wayfinding

  • Customer Expectation: 43% of consumers are likely to choose a retailer offering mobile wayfinding
  • Retailer Capability: 21% of retailers successfully offer mobile wayfinding in the store to their customers

The 2020 Mobilization Special Report, based on findings from the enVista Consumer Study and the 2020 Customer Engagement Survey, is available for download.