Glossy - Clarks, the British brand known primarily for its boots, has mostly been quiet on the advertising front for the past 10 years. Despite being sold in 35 countries and routinely being listed as one of the top-selling men’s footwear brands at wholesale, the company has not made advertising a major priority. But it’s now...

Supply Chain Dive - It’s really an inoffensive word — externalities — but when it refers to freight transport, it can be quite offensive. The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) uses it to describe the external costs that undermine sustainability objectives in freight transport.

Luxury Society - Online retailer Farfetch is stepping up its investment in streetwear with the acquisition of New Guards Group, in a move that gives it further access to some of fashion’s hottest brands in an increasingly competitive category.

Inbound Logistics - If James Dean were still alive, he might be surprised to see that one of his film's biggest impacts has been on the footwear supply chain.