PARCEL Magazine - Well, another peak season is in the books. And while the results aren’t fully quantified yet, there are still some interesting lessons we can draw from the exciting, and often chaotic, experience.

Strategic Sourceror - The presence of cloud computing has become a common theme across industries and corporate departments. The general reasons for adoption are easy to understand: Organizations value the flexibility of the cloud, scaling their operations up and down to save money.

Business News Daily - Being active in your industry is critical to success, especially for small businesses. To build lasting relationships with consumers, you need to get more personal than an email or social media connection.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers continue to shift to digital as a way to improve visibility and improve efficiencies. Experts say 2018 will be another year of transition as digital transformation becomes more important than ever in supply chain planning, fulfillment and procurement.

Choosing between direct relationships with carriers and using a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) to negotiate rates on your behalf is just one of the many issues shippers face heading into the 2018 contract bidding season on the transpacific.