Parcel - Many retailers are starting to plan now for the 2017 holiday shopping season. In the Parcel Magazine article, enVista’s executive supply chain team, Broc Pittsford, Bo Hicks and Mike Krabbe break down the four best practices that can transform your company’s holiday readiness strategy into a well-oiled machine.

Parcel - Cost is a constant concern for shippers during carrier contract negotiations. The most common enforcement shippers will see from carriers are revenue based discounts and rebates. However, national carriers have started pushing for early termination fees. This Parcel Magazine article by enVista Senior Transportation Analyst Baris Tasdelen shares that while early termination fees won’t be around for...

Internet Retailer - UPS just announced new peak season surcharges. Read how enVista Transportation Director Joe Wilkinson believes most retailers will respond and hear thoughts from our luxury brand client, Ghurka, about how it will impact their eCommerce initiatives.

Parcel - As diesel prices change, FedEx and UPS have been pushed to change the way they calculate fuel surcharges as of February 2017. enVista’s Mark Taylor outlines some of the expected impacts that the surcharges could have and shares how to reduce the effects.

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