Choosing between direct relationships with carriers and using a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) to negotiate rates on your behalf is just one of the many issues shippers face heading into the 2018 contract bidding season on the transpacific.

Parcel - On January 22, FedEx will start dimensional weighting for SmartPost and charging third-party billing fees. In this issue of Parcel Magazine, enVista Sr. Transportation Analyst Sam Simpson breaks down the impact of these complex rate increases.

Parcel - Time is running out to secure your 2018/2019 trans-Pacific contract rates! In Parcel Magazine’s inaugural international issue, enVista Ocean Category Manager, Henry Gorski, details the crucial questions you should be asking in order to achieve a successful contract negotiation.

Digital Commerce 360 - Will Amazon’s new self-service package lockers shape the future of last-mile delivery? In this Internet Retailer article, Jim Barnes, enVista CEO, discusses how Amazon could collect data through its lockers to develop its own transportation network.

The Record - In this issue of The Record, learn how enVista and Stone Technologies delivered a seamless migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a matter of months. Plus, learn about the benefits of conducting Lean operational and technical value assessments before upgrading to Dynamics 365.

Freight Business Journal North America - Did you know that freight invoice data can help optimize your distribution center? In this issue of Freight Business Journal North America, enVista Sr. Managing Partner, John Stitz, discusses the business intelligence gained through freight audit and payment.

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