MHI - MHI View recaps the first day of MODEX, including a recap of enVista CEO Jim Barnes’ presentation on implementing Lean principles into the warehouse around the 2:25 mark.

Parcel - Businesses looking for transportation savings in 2016 will need to consider new ways to see cost reductions, as the price of fuel is expected to level out. enVista Project Manager Eric Grice provides tips on how understanding shipment characteristics, along with parcel and freight tariffs, can drive savings this spring and beyond with Parcel Magazine.

Inside Indiana Business - Indianapolis businesses all have an inherent need to protect data and information technology (IT) investments and avoid rampant security threats. enVista Managing Partner David Eckel offers Indy business leaders expert advice on avoiding malware in the office in this article from Inside Indiana Business.

MultiChannel Merchant - In the digital age of retail shopping, with more competition than ever before, creating lasting relationships with customers is key to long-term success. Enspire Commerce CEO Jim Barnes shares why brand ambassadors are so important and how retailers can develop more meaningful relationships with customers with Multichannel Merchant.

Freight Business Journal - Businesses are beginning to see reasons to become AEO-accredited. enVista shares insight with Freight Business Journal about the benefits of becoming accredited and the process to get it completed.

Indianapolis - enVista, a leading global supply chain consulting and IT services firm, is proud to announce that Senior Managing Partner Ken Mullen has been named to the Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain list. The award was conceived as a way to recognize influential individuals and organizations in the food/beverage industry whose achievements, hard...

Indianapolis - enVista, a supply chain consulting firm delivering supply chain strategy, design, build and systems integration expertise, today announces it will share supply chain industry insights during two presentations at MODEX 2016, a conference that brings together leading manufacturing, distribution and supply chain professionals. enVista President and CEO Jim Barnes will present two educational...

Beverage World - Beverage World previews two presentations enVista CEO Jim Barnes will deliver at MODEX 2016 next month in Atlanta. Barnes will offer insight into different and overlapping functionality among WMS, WCS and WES solutions and tips toward selecting the right system for your business. In addition, he outlines how to apply Lean principles to the distribution center.