Customer-centric retailing is mandatory in the age of Amazon and digital commerce. Successful retail operations must exceed expectations at each point of the customer journey and at every point of interaction.

Supply Chain Strategy and Network Optimization

In today’s rapidly changing world of retail, supply chain strategy isn’t a one and done project. It requires ongoing review to keep up with market changes. Leverage the deepest bench of supply chain experts in the market, with over 15 years of retail experience our consultants will help you achieve the benefits derived from solid supply chain strategy. Customers see seven-figure savings in transportation and inventory carrying costs, plus significantly improved customer delivery times. We annually deliver dozens of supply chain and strategy projects for mid-sized and global retailers.

Inventory Optimization and Product Flow

We help drive out millions of dollars in inventory carrying costs for today’s leading retailers freeing up capital spending. enVista’s deep bench of highly-experienced retail consultants help companies review historical demand patterns by SKU, seasonality, promotion, physical location and channel. The result: a demand plan forecast with the correct amount of safety stock required to meet fluctuating demand, taking into consideration variables such as safety stock, service levels and dynamically changing promotions and/or stocking strategies.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategies

Omni-channel fulfillment is complex requiring deep knowledge of both retail operations and supply chain processes. enVista brings extensive knowledge in both. Successful store fulfillment and vendor dropship require extensive process development, change management and training. We are experts in this area. Our cloud-based fulfillment execution solution is delivered as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to rapidly integrate across your enterprise. We optimize omni-channel fulfillment, balancing cost and service.

Store Operations and Labor Planning

Now, more than ever, the physical store remains a vital part of your customer engagement strategy – every interaction counts. Our seasoned experts review foot traffic and demand patterns by store, and tasks required of your store associates including: omni-channel fulfillment help you develop optimal processes, training and change management. The result is a consistent, stellar customer experience across your store network, improved labor management and scheduling.

Workforce Management (DC & Store)

“The customer services expectation for order execution and fulfillment is at an all-time high. As manufacturers, distributors, and retailers look to gain competitive advantage and accurately predict when their product is going to arrive to customers, labor productivity is one of the variables that should be addressed in order to provide a positive customer experience.”
– Tom Stretar, enVista Vice President and Labor Management Solutions Practice Leader

enVista’s workforce management programs are comprehensive and deliver annual labor savings ranging from 10 to 30%. Omni-channel fulfillment is changing expectations in the warehouse, we bring expertise in helping your associates optimally perform their jobs, improve manpower planning and scheduling, reduce dependency on temporary labor, reduce overtime, enhance customer service and optimize use of systems and equipment. We also design associate training and incentive programs that improve associate morale, retention and results.

Customer Journey Mapping

Delivering customer-centric commerce is an absolute requirement today. The most successful retail leaders develop 1) a customer experience roadmap with a single approach to inventory and their customer and then 2) leverage the right enabling technology to enable their unified commerce strategy, optimizing omni-channel fulfillment and customer engagement. enVista’s team of seasoned retail consultants will help your team develop the optimal customer journey strategy and roadmap for your organization.

Systems Selection/Integration

enVista delivers the solutions that meet your long-term requirements. First, we review your goals and determine how to optimize your processes. Then, we determine the best enabling technology, if any, to reach your solution.  enVista has successfully implemented hundreds of systems for mid-market to Fortune 100 retailers. We bring deep technical and functional expertise across all supply chain, omni-channel retail and ERP systems. Beyond implementation, we deliver training and change management to ensure project success.

3PL Evaluation and Selection

Determine if a 3PL provider should be part of your omni-channel strategy and leverage our expertise to help you select the best partner. 3PLs is an important part of your unified commerce strategy. A 3PL is often a better alternative to a new facility, it can augment your staff and reduce labor requirements, and vendor drop shipping often significantly improves fulfillment timeframes positively impacting customer service. enVista helps many retailers select the best strategy and partners for their business, we also help extend enterprise inventory visibility and the exchange of data with your trading partners.

Meet Our Industry Expert

Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is CEO of enVista. His expertise includes all areas within the extended supply chain, including global supply chain network design, strategic facility design, international and domestic transportation management, labor management, organizational change management and supporting supply chain and execution technology. Jim has consulted companies in retail, wholesale distribution and e-commerce industries.