Seamless EDI is key to better business intelligence, collaboration and customer service.

Increasing visibility and transparency is everything in the digital age. The ability to cost-effectively exchange real-time data in multiple file formats up and downstream is required for efficiently managing trading partners, customer expectations and service levels, and for unifying commerce.

Omni-channel retailers need not struggle with EDI solutions that only enable data exchange when they really need the data to enable processes. The right EDI provider should fit today’s business needs and scale for tomorrow without hidden fees, or onsite software and hardware.

Go beyond EDI with enVista and enable the processes that improve physical and digital commerce with a single solution on a common Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

edi process electronic data interchange


enVista’s EDI solution makes data management, routing, scripting, and translation between partners simple.

EDI drives value to your company and its trading partners. enVista’s single platform solution manages and orchestrates data across your supply chain in a way that is both simple and cost-effective. Key benefits of our EDI solution include:

  • Trading partner compliance – we manage the compliance and data connectivity
  • Move beyond basic EDI – increase visibility to inventory, orders, products, catalogs and enable drop shipping on a single platform
  • Get more for your investment – unlike other EDI providers, we do not need to partner with outside firms to enable EDI connectivity

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Susan Kasperski

Susan Kasperski, Vice President of Delivery & Customers, is a results-driven manager with a focus on customer excellence and the development, implementation, and growth of new services and software. She has an extensive background in operations and transition management in the Big Box & Grocery Retail Industries. Susan’s focus for the past 10 years has been in helping clients solve complex business problems through innovative software programs.

enVista not only enables EDI and drop shipping solutions, we also provide EDI managed services.

  • We help small to mid-market distributors ensure they are compliant with big box and specialty retailers.
  • enVista’s business process outsourcing (BPO) can manage your EDI processes if it is not one of your competencies.
  • Our consulting approach ensures we design and deploy the optimal processes and solutions to meet your requirements and achieve organizational alignment to ensure your desired outcomes.
  • enVista’s Unified Commerce Platform has been built to simplify complex problems and make them efficient. We make EDI and trading partner management easy and cost-effective.
  • enVista enables a large list of EDI transaction sets
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Why enVista?

enVista consults, implements and operates EDI and drop shipping for major distributors, manufacturers, and leading retailers. We help Tier 1 to Tier 3 distributors ensure compliance with big box and specialty retailers – even managing business processes if EDI is not a core competency.

Our consulting approach ensures that we design and deploy the optimal processes and solutions to meet your requirements and achieve organizational alignment to ensure your desired outcomes.