Amy Mader has counseled and led organizations around a myriad of legal matters for over 28 years. She joined enVista as General Counsel in 2019 where she oversees all global legal affairs, including contracts, intellectual property and corporate and compliance matters across the organization.  She has worked with enVista since its inception in 2002. Prior to joining enVista, Mader ran her own successful legal firm where she served a counseled clients on business and employment matters. Mader is passionate about working with enVista owners, clients and partners. Her counsel is integral to enVista’s strategic direction and plans. Mader received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Communication and Spanish from Miami University where she graduated cum laude. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Valparaiso University, graduating cum laude and serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the Valparaiso University Law Review.