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e-Commerce Rating Engine

Many e-retailers operate with only a “rough idea” of what their shipping costs truly are. They don’t know until it’s too late if their shipping charges are too low and losing money or too high and driving customers to abandon their shopping carts – not knowing if their method is draining revenue or hiding a profit center.

Now, in a split second, that uncertainty can turn into real-time, real-money knowledge with enVista’s sophisticated, economical rate shopping tool. This cloud-based solution can quickly show e-retailers an accurate shipping cost for each parcel. At the same time, it tracks variation to analyze trends.

With this updated, accurate cost data, your shipping department can receive immediate recommendations on the lowest-cost route for each parcel, enabling you to optimize customer service, cost and profit while boosting your bottom line.

Implementation is nearly effortless and the cost is pennies per parcel. The small, low-risk investment has a very short payback time, but can yield knowledge worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in terms of both cost control and new opportunities.

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For example, the rate engine can be used for predictive analysis to determine the true cost of shipping prior to a promotion. enVista’s sophisticated software taps into multiple variables, such as likely shipping patterns, multiple warehouses, service levels and destination zones. Up front, e-retailers can quickly weigh the costs and benefits of shipping-related promotions.

During seasonally driven sales, this tool hones in on optimizing freight for specific promotions and creates a model for proactive decision-making, opening doors to more profitable and productive merchandising. For e-retailers who use free shipping to drive sales, this knowledge is extremely valuable.

If a customer requests one-day air delivery, there can be lower cost ground options that still deliver within the required time constraint. Without this instantaneous rate-check, that savings and others could be missed, needlessly driving up the cost of a promotion and reducing profit.

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enVista's Rate Shopping Platform