Business Intelligence

enVista's myShipINFO® Executive Dashboard gives you the power to view your entire transportation and freight spend in one, centralized interface that captures all modes across every continent.

With myShipINFO’s dashboard, key supply chain stakeholders as well as transportation managers, finance and accounting team members, and executive leadership can compare and contrast data, not only by carrier, but also by service level over a wide variety of time periods.

Customizable dashlettes enable you to create dashboard reports that contain KPIs and critical data vital to your decision making process. Using simple drag and drop functionality, you are able to mix and match the graphs needed to perform important analysis and subsequently bolster your bottom-line by proactively managing one of your largest business expenses.

Available 24x7, myShipINFO’s dashboard is automatically populated with all your freight data if enVista is performing your audit. The platform also easily accepts transportation spend and manifest files from desperate systems through flexible data import tools, providing a truly singular data warehouse for all your global freight spend.