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Software Evaluation & Selection

Selecting the best technology solutions for your organization can be a complicated and even risky endeavor.

enVista takes the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the process by offering an objective approach to solution selection. enVista’s technology consultants have practical implementation experience on over two-dozen solutions, thus allowing our consultants to quickly recommend a short list of viable solutions that match our customers’ functional requirements, technology direction, and price point/return on investment.

By executing over twenty technology evaluations each year, enVista’s technology consultants know the strengths, weaknesses and functionality of all leading Supply Chain Execution (SCE) applications on the market, including:

Image: SDC 100 Award

Our extensive domain expertise and firsthand experience with leading business systems bring immediate, valuable technical expertise and insight to client teams.

Most importantly, enVista’s vendor agnostic approach and data-driven evaluation process result in an unbiased technology assessment, ensuring solution investments meet your long-term business, technology and industry requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.