Supply Chain

Sales & Operations Planning

In today’s world, a manufacturer or distributor’s ultimate formula for success is offering the items its customers want, where and when they want them. Current logistics and technology capabilities make this goal more attainable than ever before. The question is, at what cost and rate of return?

enVista provides manufacturers and distributors the answers to these questions by helping them attain significant savings, inventory reductions and efficiencies through the optimization of their supply chain network.

Our team focuses on how to best synchronize supply with demand, while improving commitment to customers and holding suppliers accountable. enVista helps customers bridge the gap between the traditional approach of doing manufacturing or sales forecasting as an exercise compared to using the forecast during daily order promising as well as measuring the accuracy of your forecasting process.

Image: Sales & Operations Planning

Companies that integrate sales and operations planning (S&OP) into their daily planning and execution are equipped to address order forecast anomalies as well as production and capacity limitations.

These same companies may not always fulfill 100% of ordered quantity as requested, but they make accurate promises to their customers based upon customer priority, profit margin and supplier capacity.