Retail Strategy Consulting

Determining the Optimal Omni-Channel Strategy

Change is constant in retail environments. As your business evolves, so does the scope of challenges. Issues will expand over time as customers become more demanding and competitors become more capable. Your supply chain should constantly adjust and improve its omni-channel capabilities to build & maintain a competitive edge while improving costs.

Retail supply chains are tightly integrated into every aspect of your business. This interconnectedness is the reason adapting a comprehensive supply chain is so complex – and imperative. An effective supply chain design will enable your supply chain to:

  • Optimize total supply chain costs while enhancing appropriate service levels
  • Improve retail engagement with customers and brand loyalty
  • Enhance the competitive position of your company
  • Maximize gross margins by improving inventory utilization
  • Develop new omni-channel capabilities
  • Provide increased flexibility
  • Reduce variability of lead times
  • Increase visibility product and order flow
  • Minimize issues creates with new multi-channel environments

Why enVista

enVista’s Retail Practice is comprised of former retail executives and highly experienced engineers who have enabled supply chain and logistics best practices for dozens of leading retailers. Our team also brings deep expertise across transportation, systems implementation, operations, facility design build and more, supported by the most accurate modeling tools in the industry.

An optimal supply chain delivers the right merchandise in right quantities to the right channels. enVista develops supply chain strategies starting with your customers and working backward through all aspects of your supply chain. With our proprietary modeling tools, we leverage detailed demand and logistics data to help you determine the optimal supply chain network design for your business. We also review inventory positioning to ensure merchandise is offered in the right place (location/channel) at the correct levels based on demand and supply variability. enVista provides detailed analysis needed for key network decisions, such as:

  • Total costs for each identified scenario
  • Labor analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Tax and site analysis
  • Facility capacities
  • Opportunities for efficiency gains