Supply Chain

Supply Chain Network Design

The key to designing an effective supply chain network is having supply chain strategists with years of experience on your team.

Experience in all aspects of supply chain design from source to consumption is not something that can be taught in a four year degree or developed by a PhD. It comes by doing. Webster's Dictionary defines experience as “practical knowledge, skill or practice derived from direct observation of, or participation in, events in a particular activity.”

enVista takes pride in providing experienced retail, transportation and distribution strategists with years of practical knowledge. To develop a strategy goes beyond determining where to place a warehouse location on a map. Our experts understand the interdependencies between multiple supply chain variables (supply and demand), financial economics, business continuity and enabling technologies.

We have developed supply chain strategies for mid-market companies to Fortune 100 companies. Unlike many firms that consider Distribution Center (DC)-to-store or DC-to-customer flows only, enVista begins evaluation and design at the manufacturing site, often overseas, and moves sequentially to include carriers, freight forwarders, port of origin, customs, port of entry, 10+2 compliance, drayage, duties, tariffs, forward distribution centers, 3PLs (if applicable), and ultimately the end customers.

For retail clients, enVista starts with customer demand to understand how it’s shaped at the store (point of sale) and e-com (direct to consumer) levels. Our strategists understand how retail merchandise plans and allocation methods impact down-stream supply chain execution and performance. We design supply chain networks that improve customer service levels while reducing costs in distribution, transportation and inventory.

Using best of breed network modeling tools, we analyze current and forecasted sales growth (demand points) and relevant logistics data, and compare them to what would be your optimum network. As an interim step, enVista’s supply chain consultants perform LEAN Value Added Stream Maps in order to evaluate order to cash cycle times and waste (MUDA).

Our consultants are looking for quick win opportunities that can be used to drive immediate savings. We consider all critical factors, including customer demand points, suppliers, manufacturing plants, inbound and outbound transportation, and fixed and variable warehousing costs. We then develop alternative strategies and compare them to your baseline network. Finally our experienced consultants develop practical transition plans that mitigate risk and ensure business continuity.

With solid, proven methodologies and the right modeling tools, enVista is an expert resource for solving complex supply chain network problems. We work with a broad range of industry verticals and while specific industry challenges differ, many of the variables impacting network design remain the same, including:

Image: Supply Chain Network Design
  • What are the optimal numbers, locations and capacities of suppliers, plants and production lines and processes?
  • What are the right numbers, locations and sizes of distribution centers, cross docks, branch warehouses, etc.?
  • What is the best way to assign customers and products to distribution centers?
  • How do changes to production and distribution capabilities impact cost and service?