Supply Chain

Life Sciences Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Life SciencesenVista’s Life Sciences Solutions practice is uniquely qualified to deliver visibility into your total supply chain, from source to consumption. We help clients develop functional operating procedures coupled with the appropriate technology to improve the bottom line and bring new medications and devices to the market sooner. With strong regulatory compliance understanding, best-in-class supply chain modeling capabilities, and a proven track record of selecting, configuring and implementing supply chain IT solutions, enVista can design the path forward, and also implement across your extend supply chain and integrate with your partners.

Enterprise Consulting Services

  • Corporate Strategic Supply Chain Planning
  • Operations and Facilities Planning
  • Lean Materials/Process Flow Analysis
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Computer Simulation Modeling
  • Third-Party Logistics Pricing, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Detailed Supply Chain Systems and Application Architecture Engineering
  • Freight Management

Supply Chain Integration and Regulatory Compliance

  • Integrated Business Application, Including:
    • Manufacturing
    • Materials Management
    • Procurement
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Supply Chain Planning and Execution
    • Quality Systems Management
    • Document Management
  • Support for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP)
  • Extensive Assessment and Remediation Capabilities, Including:
    • DEA Compliance
    • Batch Recall Requirements
    • Lot Tracing Requirements
  • Digital Signatures and Audit Trail
  • Compliant Tracking and CAPA Functionality
  • PDMA-compliant Sales and Sample Processing
  • Full Support for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and FDA Validation

Materials Handling, Design and Implementation

  • Operations and Materials Handling System Concept Development
  • Racking and Warehouse Location Labeling Solutions
  • Mechanized and Automated Conveyor Systems
  • Serialization and Track and Trace Solutions
  • Warehouse Management Solutions

Cold Chain Management Integration

  • Thermal Packaging Engineered Solutions
  • Process Validation
  • Transport Simulation Laboratory Testing
  • Cold Chain Logistics - Design Validation, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Clinical Trial Operations