Supply Chain

Lean Six Sigma

enVista's Lean Six Sigma certified consultants focus on eliminating waste in manufacturing and distribution-centric organizations.

Process optimization starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the interaction between your processes, employees, systems and feedback loops. This is crucial in helping us benchmark current processes and functional relationships.

Image: Process Optimization

We then leverage Lean tools to make processes more efficient by eliminating the seven common types of waste in your operation. Using value stream mapping (flowcharts), we help you distinguish between value-added (VA) and non-value-added (NVA) steps in each process.

Once we have streamlined your processes, we can lead Lean Six Sigma projects to address business areas/practices of concern using the Six Sigma approach of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC).

Finally, we can assist in enabling you to transform your company into a Lean Six Sigma organization. We help you create a Lean Six Sigma culture, lead Green and Black Belt training, participate in an internal transformation project and establish the framework of a Lean Six Sigma organization.