Workforce Management

Labor Standards Database

enCompass™ is enVista’s holistic labor standards application for standard processes and associated time measurements related to tasks across manufacturing, supply chain and retail operations.

Our scalable, cloud-based solution can be rapidly deployed and encompasses nearly all the standards you need to improve employee staffing and utilization by department, shift and functional area. enCompass also integrates seamlessly with all major workforce labor management systems, such as Manhattan Associates, RedPrairie (JDA) and Next View.

Image: Labor Standards DatabaseDesigned, developed and supported by proven LMS experts with more than 60 years of combined industry experience, enCompass includes standard data element templates organized by industry segments, such as: apparel, footwear, food and beverage, packaged goods, automotive parts and direct to consumer.

This comprehensive data source also offers convenient, menu-driven “wizard” interfaces for creating custom engineered standards, enabling you to fully capitalize on your workforce through more effective manpower planning in your store, shop floor and distribution center activities.