Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Direct labor is most often one of the largest expenses incurred in both warehouse and retail operations. enVista helps clients minimize these costs through its M3 labor optimization methodology which focuses on Methods, Metrics and Motivation.

This Lean Process Improvement team approach emphasizes the deployment of distribution and store operations best practices through operations improvements, labor forecasting and scheduling, productivity tracking, engineered labor standards and payroll incentives. We provide solutions necessary to measure each store and warehouse activity, ensuring your workforce is performing at its full potential.

Our engineered standards associated with each function measure actual work completed against established benchmarks, making it easy to determine where resources need to be allocated for increased productivity and visibility, improved service levels and associate motivation, and reduced overall labor costs.

Most importantly, our ability to work with your associates at all levels fosters enhanced buy-in and participation by encouraging trust, open communication, and a spirit of respect and cooperation.

enVista's M3 methodology drives quantifiable results, including:

Image: Labor Performance Management
  • Generated cost savings, typically between 5 and 25%
  • Strategic framework for LEAN process improvement
  • Reduced labor costs through better planning and scheduling
  • Motivated employees with clear goals and immediate feedback
  • Trained associates in ergonomically sound, safe methods
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Increased volume thru-put