Supply Chain

Strategic Facility Master Planning

Facility planning involves more than just producing a CAD layout. It also calls for strategic master capacity planning and identification of long-term organizational goals and objectives. Most importantly, it requires the synchronization of a LEAN material-flow strategy in combination with technology enablers. Before we create conceptual facility design layouts we answer why, what and how to synchronize supply (receiving) with demand (orders) through the four-walls of a distribution center.

enVista focuses on designing completely integrated solutions that are quantified and qualified by positive return on investment. We begin by using our proprietary modeling tools to evaluate receiving, inventory and order profiles by sales channel.

We develop conceptual and detailed engineering facility layouts that minimize variability. The designs we produce focus on agility and flexibility to ensure you maximize your assets and obtain a positive ROI. In addition, our facility design and slotting tools provide over eighty standardized receiving, inventory and shipping profiles and reports that enable alternative LEAN material flow strategies.

Image: Facility Design Build

Our facility design consultants utilize over 100 standard material flow reports to compare alternative facility strategies against current distribution cost and performance indicators. We then challenge our project teams to identify ways to eliminate waste (MUDA) and bring significant cost reductions and improved service for your organization.

As a result, it is not uncommon for our engineers to develop solutions that generate 15-25% efficiency improvements.

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