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B2BMailbox EDI Managed Service

Our EDI managed services offering is an important value-added service for companies in the distribution, retail and manufacturing markets. With this in mind, enVista developed an EDI managed service offering called B2BMailbox. Our EDI technology provides the most flexible and easy-to-use integrated EDI solution on the market for your business and its most critical supply chain partners.

What makes B2BMailbox different from other EDI managed services?

  • EDI Managed Services Deployment: Our B2BMailbox EDI managed services offer two different deployment options depending on the needs of your business. B2BMailbox can be deployed as an on-premise EDI software or as a cloud-based EDI service that is managed and hosted by enVista.
  • Proprietary EDI Value Added Network (VAN): B2BMailbox is a robust EDI service that includes access to our proprietary EDI VAN. Most EDI service providers utilize a third party VAN provider. One of the many benefits of our EDI service it that you get access to a platform that includes a private VAN and the corresponding EDI software.
  • Seamless Integration with Your ERP of Choice: enVista’s EDI managed service offering is more than a background process responsible for data verification and translation with a VAN. We have developed proprietary IP that consists of a custom-designed adapter for several major ERP systems, including Dynamics AX, SAP and Oracle. With B2BMailbox, you and your vendors have access to real-time information about the status of your purchase orders, sales orders, invoices and shipments within your enterprise resource planning system.
  • Vendor Portal and Modern UI: The B2BMailbox EDI software allows your vendors and trade partners to access a vendor portal to manage the sending and receiving of purchase orders and invoices.
  • Cloud Services and VAN Integrations: Because B2BMailbox is an adaptable EDI technology, we have built custom integrations for many of the cloud-based services being utilized by businesses today. From Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers like Amazon and Rackspace to major Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms like Salesforce and NetSuite, B2BMailbox gives you the ability to integrate your existing systems with our EDI platform. In addition to all this, B2BMailbox can also connect to other VANs that your current trade partners may already be using.

B2BMailbox EDI Managed Service
B2BMailbox is an EDI managed service offering that allows you to easily facilitate and manage data transactions with suppliers, customers and trading partners (click to enlarge).

The preferred EDI managed service offering enables your organization to:

  • Manage EDI processing at multiple levels for your business and each of your business partners
  • Optimize and streamline operations with deploying management by exception strategies
  • Onboard new partners quickly and accurately with a low cost solution
  • Accommodate quick, user driven changes without costly and time consuming customization
  • Extend the native capabilities of AX further in supply chain execution areas for greater ROI

With B2BMailbox EDI, we provide depth and flexibility to accommodate for modifications to your IT environment. Our product design ensures that any customizations made to your system, such as the addition of web services, new fields and new workflows, do not require reprogramming of your mission critical EDI system.