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Hibbett Sports

Hibbett Sports needed a supply chain strategy to improve merchandise flow and maintain high customer service levels. Looking at the supply chain through the eyes of customers, enVista helped:

  • Synchronize supply with demand
  • Improve speed to market and in-stock percentage
  • Reduce work in process inventory and safety stock
The Men's Wearhouse

The Men's Wearhouse successfully integrated multi-channel processes into one platform by implementing enVista’s Lean supply chain practices and technologies, resulting in:

  • Significantly lower labor and inventory costs
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Greater on-time performance and delivery
Bradshaw International

Bradshaw International, maker of Good Cook kitchenware, had to make significant changes to comply with Wal-Mart's Direct Store Delivery Consolidation program. Besides adding a new WMS, enVista helped:

  • Move to the DSDC program with zero disruption
  • Meet growing shipping demands
  • Improve warehouse efficiency
Nature's Best

Nature's Best faced high labor costs and inefficiencies with its expansive four-building, multi-temp zone campus. enVista helped streamline processes and:

  • Consolidate multiple facilities into one, new, optimally designed facility
  • Implement a new WMS and other technology
  • Reduce labor costs by over 30%
Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands, a manufacturer and distributor of work, western and outdoor footwear and apparel, engaged enVista to integrate its WMS and WCS, enabling:

  • Nearly 97% of orders to ship in 24 hours
  • Double annual throughput without added headcount
  • Inventory accuracy to jump from less than 95% to over 98%

WORLDPAC, an auto parts distributor, engaged enVista to design its new 235,000 sq. ft. DC and LEAN distribution. The facility:

  • Incorporated one-touch concepts, eliminating non-value-added steps
  • Sustained sales and product growth through the next several years
  • Met established customer service levels

Epson America needed a larger, more optimal distribution center to meet its growing business. After engaging enVista, Epson was able to:

  • Complete design & open new facility in 7 months
  • Make move without missing any delivery dates or causing customer disruption
  • Optimize labor, equipment & space
Diamond Comics

Facing warehouse inefficiencies that were hindering growth, Diamond Comics needed an updated WMS for constant inventory visibility and integration with its existing LMS. As a result:

  • Inventory accuracy improved to 99.7%
  • Case picking at 99.4% carton fill rate
  • Standardized training processes enacted

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