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Multi-Channel Retailing Systems

The emergence of new selling channels has changed the face of retail forever. Online, mobile and new social channels - like Facebook and Twitter - will not fade into the background.

Ecommerce has made it easy for shoppers to browse their favorite retailers' websites 24/7. And, purchasing decisions can be made even faster with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and online retail apps. One thing is for certain - retailers must manage to keep pace with multi-channel demands.

enVista has teamed up with a number of best of breed, leading providers of demand management solutions for some of the world's foremost retailers and brand owners, to offer strategies that help retailers create cohesive and integrated multi-channel plans.

Our best-of-breed, demand-driven planning solutions give retailers the functionality needed to present their consumers with a seamless, consistent and enjoyable shopping experience - no matter which channel they shop.

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