Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud

Private clouds offer the power and capacity of a public cloud, with the security, control, and scalability of a private dedicated environment. Our team oversees infrastructure, compliance, and capacity of your private cloud environment, so you can focus on what you do best.

Why choose private cloud?

As your business grows, so must the applications and data storage capacity. This situation is further complicated by the fact that many companies are already struggling to attain the IT resources necessary to meet their already expanding infrastructure and on-demand data needs. Private cloud allows you to focus on your dedicated environment, while utilizing the scalability of the cloud.

The flexibility associated with private cloud hosting allows organizations to leverage capabilities for numerous business challenges. Virtualization allows private cloud to generate resource pools, so the cloud is responsive to your business needs.

Cost Savings
The vast majority of physical IT assets are outdated within five years, forcing organizations to continually make significant investments in an effort to simply maintain, leaving less time focus on expansion and improvement. Private cloud offers predictable cost structure and lower capital expenditure outlay significantly lower operating costs, while allowing for greater on-demand availability.

Why choose enVista for private cloud hosting?

enVista’s private cloud environments are designed for organizations seeking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing in a cost-effective manner, while keeping their data on a separate platform.

With enVista, infrastructure is dedicated to your environment, so that you’re able to adhere to complex needs of your business, while leveraging the on-demand attributes and scalability of a cloud platform. Private cloud users have full administrative access to VMMs, providing total control over network operations and maintenance. At enVista, our private cloud customers have total control, which allows for greater control over network operations and maintenance.

We know that compliance is also a significant concern for many organizations moving to the private cloud. That’s why enVista data centers comply with a range of industry and government regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX, in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

enVista’s private cloud platform solution gives you a virtual 'on-demand' hosting environment where you can ensure your data is protected. enVista will maintain the hardware and handle all of the capacity planning, while allowing your team to focus on application maintenance to retain complete privacy.