Professional IT Services

HIPAA Compliance

Is your organization in compliance? Are all of your policies and procedures and change management processes documented? Do you have contingency and disaster recovery plans in place and are they current? Is your data encrypted and safe from outside intrusion? Do you have a secure authentication policy in place?

Organizations that fail to comply with regulatory requirements can face lawsuits as well as steep civil and/or criminal penalties. Compared to the potential penalties for non-compliance, the cost of implementing these safeguards is relatively small.

You may be surprised to learn that complying with regulations is not nearly as complicated and expensive as you might think. Statistics will tell you that compliance is actually 80% operational and facilities management and only 20% technical.

enVista can help your organization develop and implement compliance through cost-effective operational and information technology improvements. By conducting a risk analysis of your operational workflow and systems, we can determine potential impact on your organization and provide the following deliverables:

  • Detailed risk analysis and assessment to determine gaps
  • Identification of organizational deficiencies and vulnerabilities
  • Remediation plan, timeline and cost assessment for establishing compliance
  • Documented controls, policies and procedures