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We build beautiful solutions with all the features your business needs to achieve success, helping you gain full value from your Office 365 platforms.

Our Collaboration team are experts in:

Discovery & Planning

Whether you're just starting to build, have something partly done or migrating, our team will guide you through the process with insights and recommendations, creating a customized game plan that's right for your business. By following our O365 Synergy process, our experienced team in usability, design, and programming will partner with your team to explore the possible solutions for your business issues. We evaluate your current business processes and current environment to decide which approach will maximize productivity. We meet with your experts to get to the root of your problems and to discuss which solution is best for your business.


Whether your business needs an intranet, public facing site or both, enVista can provide a solution designed for your business today thatís flexible for future growth. Preserving a consistent brand is critical to employee adoption or maintaining customers. People use many devices in their busy schedules, and having a solution that adapts to mobility is a must. Backed with a team of experts in usability, design, and programming, enVista will design a responsive SharePoint solution that fits all of your business needs. We strive to provide avenues to make your employees excel in their responsibilities.


The more business processes that you can automate and make efficient, the more ROI you will get with SharePoint. Our consultants work with you to best utilize the platform and bring in your current business processes. To ensure a strong future-proof approach, we focus on OOB and client-side development for your platform regardless if it is on-prem or in the cloud. This includes standard branding with client-side development, SharePoint Framework Add-In development for more robust customizations and PowerApps development.

Business Process Management

Automating business processes and keeping those processes up-to-date, matching changes in the business is critical to usability and value. Our enVista consultants can help you manage your forms and workflows throughout Office 365 and Azure, utilizing the robust feature set provided to you OOB.


Integration is the key to unlocking the full potential of automated workflows. Beyond building process automation that work with SharePoint and Office 365, we can help you automate complete processes, across multiple systems. Microsoft Flow natively supports integrations with many popular software platforms. These platforms include names such as Dynamics 365 (AX/CRM), Salesforce, Act!, DocuSign, GitHub, and WordPress. Microsoft Flow also supports integration with database systems, such as SQL, Oracle, and DB2.

Content Management

Keeping your content fresh is critical to keeping an up-to-date site that your employees enjoy visiting. Our enVista consultants can help you manage your content through SharePointís unique features that allow you to edit, publish, and organize content.

Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams

Many business processes happen between a collaborative team. To promote communication and quickly move business processes forward, we can help you build out your central hub for tracking projects and teams, and tasks in Microsoft Planner. We can also help you get the most value out of the real-time chat-based workspace, Microsoft Teams. A team can have one place to communicate and track everything.


Just like any other platform or new software solution, users must know how to use it and understand the benefits they will receive. Once they understand the benefits and capabilities, they will continue to ask for more investment into the tool and use it more and more in the overall business process. We can assist you by designing a comprehensive training program built around your usersí specific needs, which can be delivered on-site or online. We have found that how-to training and walk-through videos generically present materials that cover common scenarios most users encounter using the platform. We can also develop a customized training solution to increase the results that examines your companyís real-life scenarios. Your IT staff and end users can get answers to their specific situations and learn how to better leverage the platform within their unique environments.