Security Solutions

Compliance and Regulatory Road Map

enVista’s development of a compliance and regulatory roadmap takes outputs from our IT Strategy level services and the IT security assessment processes. With the high-level knowledge of business and IT goal alignment and the security assessment, we will work with your management and stakeholders to develop a roadmap and security plan.

The roadmap and plan will include review and development processes for policy, process/procedural, technical implementations or planning needs, and ongoing IT risk management for threats to security and information.

By working with you to create and maintain the roadmap and security plan, we will be able to more effectively manage IT security for your environment and work with you during audits or assessments by other parties.

Examples of Document and Technical Roadmap Outputs:

  • Security policies, security plan, and incident response plans
  • Backup process and procedure documentation
  • Disaster-recovery and business-continuity plans
  • Accurate and maintained inventory documentation and diagrams
  • Ongoing management reports of security posture and plan status
  • Ongoing vulnerability assessments with differential status reports
  • Information and device disposal policy, process, and procedure documentation
  • Assurance that physical IT hardware assets – network switches, firewalls, servers, PCs and mobile devices, email and data repositories – have protections against viruses/malware, hackers, and other threats to your information security and availability