Our People & Their Roles

Join the enVista team and accelerate your career in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment that fosters team relationships and the open exchange of ideas.

You don’t have to take our word for it–here's how some of our associates describe working at enVista in their own words.

Emily Nielsen | Senior Consultant | Supply Chain Solutions

"At enVista, we work hard and we play hard. Being on the road is easy when you enjoy the people you work with. the best part about working for enVista is the people we meet - both internally and externally. I enjoy learning how different individuals in different organizations are solving their supply chain challenges, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that solution!"

Greg Merz, Analyst, Consulting | Transportation Solutions


"There's excitement about our work and our future opportunities. Everyone takes to heart the nature of working hard, while still maintaining a level of fun. It's a special combination unique to enVista. In just a short time, my colleagues have become personal friends, which not only makes coming to work easier, but also drives our culture of success. Projects become about wanting to succeed for the good of the company, the team, and your friends."

Chad Andrews, Solution Architect | Enspire Commerce


"There are so many gurus on the enVista team that are extremely passionate about doing what is best for the customer. It creates an environment where I can learn from the best and continue to be better at what I do, as well as enjoy what I do each and every day."

Brooklyn Copeland, Coordinator, Client Services | Transportation Solutions


"The enVista culture is a good mix of high expectation and openness to innovation. In fact, the company seems to thrive on openness to new ideas, which means there is room to grow within a company that is itself growing exponentially each year."

Mark Sawalha, Director of Project Management | Supply Chain Solutions


"The culture at enVista is more like family rather than a corporate entity. The owners and managing partners are as concerned with their associates as they are with the bottom line. Each associate is recognized as a valuable part of enVista's success."


Jacquelyn Gary, AX Consultant | Enterprise Solutions


"I joined enVista upon my college graduation. As soon as I started, I was given 'real' work to do, not busy work. This allowed me to contribute right away and add value to my clients' operation. It's challenging to get thrown into a project, but it's rewarding when you see your work pay off for a client."


Kyle Braaskma, Senior Account Executive | Transportation Solutions


"enVista is made up of a group of people looking to take the next step forward and grow. It's challenging, entrepreneurial, and rewarding. The executive team has given me opportunities to expand my depth of supply chain knowledge. They have confidence in my ability to get the job done and so they provide me with a lot of freedom. Whether I am targeting small or large clients, I like the challenge of helping a customer understand enVista's value and then delivering that value."