enVista Clients

Case Studies


Accent Decor Logo

Accent Decor created a strategic carrier sourcing plan to gain a competitive advantage with the help of enVista they:

  • Explored a strategic sourcing event could net in terms of cost savings
  • Received complete RFP package that included shipment data, a company profile, etc.
  • Drove further savings
Brooks Brothers Logo

Boot Barn called on enVista to design a new supply chain to support its growth strategy. enVista helped Boot Barn:

  • Develop a new product flow to support new store growth
  • Design an inventory strategy to support private label business
  • Improve store product availability through distribution model
Brooks Brothers Logo

With the ride of omni-channel, Brooks Brothers needed to address new challenges. This high-end, specialty retailer required new technology to deliver against its customer goals. enVista helped:

  • Gain Visibility to customer buying patterns
  • Implement a cloud-based single platform
  • Analyze inventory and sales performance
dansko logo

Dansko needed a new state-of-the-art facility optimized for efficiency and future growth. The goals were to reduce labor-intensive processes and meet growing customer demand. enVista helped:

  • Design a 200,000 square foot distribution center
  • Increase flexibility and throughput
  • Significantly improve customer service levels
dansko logo

Dillard’s partnered with enVista based on the firm’s depth of transportation expertise. enVista was able to identify new process improvements and Dillard's was able to:

  • Achieve target results within 12 months
  • Attain the high-end of estimated business case savings
  • Actively manage its own transportation
dansko logo

ECCO was also able to remain fully operational during this transformation to a highly automated pick and pack operation. ECCO was also able to:

  • Leverage an optimal DC design that reduced labor requirements
  • Reduce frequency to source
  • Maximize use of equipment/space
Gump's Logo

Gump's, a luxury gift retailer, needed to improve communication between its vendors and gain visibility to carrier performance. enVista helped:

  • Achieve greater visibility to transportation expenses
  • Create dashboards to view all KPIs
  • Reduce shipping expenses and maintain carrier relationships
Hibbet Sports

Hibbett Sports needed a supply chain strategy to improve merchandise flow and maintain high customer service levels. Looking at the supply chain through the eyes of customers, enVista helped:

  • Synchronize supply with demand
  • Improve speed to market and in-stock percentage
  • Reduce work in process inventory and safety stock
Men's Warehouse Logo

The Men's Wearhouse successfully integrated multi-channel processes into one platform by implementing enVista’s Lean supply chain practices and technologies, resulting in:

  • Significantly lower labor and inventory costs
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Greater on-time performance and delivery
One King's Lane Logo

One Kings Lane needed to develop an IT and distribution strategy in response to its explosive sales and business growth. enVista’s solution enabled:

  • Concept to deployment in just 5 months without missing a sale
  • Decreased IT costs– TCO less than 1%
  • Flexible eCommerce and order management
Performance bicycle logo

Performance Bike needed to upgrade its Warehouse Management System (WMS). By engaging the experts at enVista, Performance Bike was able to:

  • Implement its Manhattan WMS upgrade in less than six months
  • Increase productivity from added batch picking
  • Increase pick per hour between 50 and 100 units
Skechers Logo

Skechers, an established footwear company, needed to consolidate four distribution centers (DCs) into one. With the help of enVista they were able to:

  • Open a new 1.8 million square foot facility to support growth
  • Optimize processes and leverage new technology
  • Meet customer demand and optimize sales
Sports Unlimited Logo

Sports Unlimited needed to streamline transportation data and obtain visibility to total annual shipping expense. With enVista’s myShipINFO®, the company:

  • Achieved additional annual savings of 73%
  • Improved visibility to transportation spend
  • Continues to enjoy positive carrier relations
Tory Burch Logo

Tory Burch consolidated three distribution centers into one and reduced costs with the introduction of redesigned business practices and systems. enVista helped:

  • Dramatically improve sales
  • Leverage best-in-class ERP solution to improve visibility and control
  • Provide management and support during transition
Tory Burch Logo

Wolverine partnered with enVista to develop a strategic supply chain network to support future growth and build a direct to consumer strategy. With enVista, Wolverine was able to:

  • Reduce the cycle time from factory to customer
  • Improve omni-channel service levels
  • Significantly reduce transportation costs
Tory Burch Logo

Zumiez wanted to improve its e-commerce warehouse performance based on cost per order, taking into account service and labor. Zumiez was able to:

  • Improve efficiencies that reduced labor costs
  • Improve current space utilization
  • Dramatically improve customer service

Consumer Goods & Manufacturing

Indiana Limestone Logo

enVista played a key role in replacing Indiana Limestone's outdated ERP processes with an integrated system that will improve its resource planning system to:

  • Consolidate its outdated and disparate systems
  • Add MRP for operations planning
  • Support their unique manufacturing and warehouse processes
Bradshaw Logo

Bradshaw International, maker of Good Cook kitchenware, had to make significant changes to comply with Wal-Mart's Direct Store Delivery Consolidation program. Besides adding a new WMS, enVista helped:

  • Move to the DSDC program with zero disruption
  • Meet growing shipping demands
  • Improve warehouse efficiency
Electrolock Logo

In changing focus from electrical and thermal solution distribution to production, Electrolock needed to upgrade its legacy system to a manufacturing-based ERP. enVista’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX enabled:

  • Online capacity planning
  • More accurate lead times
  • Continuous improvement initiatives
Epson Logo

Epson America needed a larger, more optimal distribution center to meet its growing business. After engaging enVista, Epson was able to:

  • Complete design & open new facility in 7 months
  • Make move without missing any delivery dates or causing customer disruption
  • Optimize labor, equipment & space
Kent Logo

Kent Watersports, makers and distributors of the O'Brien, Liquid Force, HO, Connelly and Hyperlite brands, needed a single ERP system for all of its companies. enVista’s implementation helped:

  • Streamline financial management
  • Improve business planning and forecasting
  • Control manufacturing processes
Rocky Brands Logo

Rocky Brands, a manufacturer and distributor of work, western and outdoor footwear and apparel, engaged enVista to integrate its WMS and WCS, enabling:

  • Nearly 97% of orders to ship in 24 hours
  • Double annual throughput without added headcount
  • Inventory accuracy to jump from less than 95% to over 98%
Vera Bradley Logo

Shipping nearly 400,000 packages each year, Vera Bradley engaged enVista to analyze its parcel pricing and renegotiate current carrier contracts, resulting in:

  • Complete evaluation of transportation costs and parcel portfolio
  • Reduced parcel shipping expenditures
  • Successful change in carriers
Worldpac logo

WORLDPAC, an auto parts distributor, engaged enVista to design its new 235,000 sq. ft. DC and LEAN distribution. The facility:

  • Incorporated one-touch concepts, eliminating non-value-added steps
  • Sustained sales and product growth through the next several years
  • Met established customer service levels

Food & Beverage

Nature's Best Logo

Nature's Best faced high labor costs and inefficiencies with its expansive four-building, multi-temp zone campus. enVista helped streamline processes and:

  • Consolidate multiple facilities into one, new, optimally designed facility
  • Implement a new WMS and other technology
  • Reduce labor costs by over 30%

Media & Publishing

Diamond Comics Logo

Facing warehouse inefficiencies that were hindering growth, Diamond Comics needed an updated WMS for constant inventory visibility and integration with its existing LMS. As a result:

  • Inventory accuracy improved to 99.7%
  • Case picking at 99.4% carton fill rate
  • Standardized training processes enacted

3rd Party Logistics

spot freight Logo

Spot Freight needed solutions tailored to its growth and changing needs. With enVista's help, it was able to leverage solutions and vendors to:

  • Eliminate redundancies and save time
  • Ensure valuable information was kept more secure
  • Keep the business up and running through any major mishaps


Raphael Health Logo

Raphael Health Center wanted to be proactive in its HIPAA compliance and safeguard against data security breaches. With enVista's risk analysis, it was able to:

  • Implement new procedures to eliminate risk of security breach
  • Obtain additional government funds
  • Ensure tighter patient data control


Vincennes University Logo

Vincennes University Logistics Training and Education Center (VU LTEC) partnered with enVista to automate inbound warehouse and outbound logistics processes by:

  • Utilizing enVista’s Cloud for hosted technology
  • Implementing Dynamics AX 2012 R3 WMS
  • Integrating voice picking, pick-to-light and RF mobility systems